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Christmas gifts worth supporting from our NPO partners 2021

published by Luiza Klecki

Just 17 more days until Christmas. It is a time when we are there for each other even more so that together we can survive and cope well with the colder winter months. Especially in times of Corona, we know how lonely it can be to have to spend this time alone, and we realize how good we have it compared to those who are in need of help. It’s time to give something back and give joy away. That’s why, in this blog post, we would like to share with you a few projects from our NPO partners that you can support and/or give as a gift for Christmas.

1. Cecilia’s Children Austria

In addition to their online Christmas market, the organization is organizing a Christmas sack sale for the first time this year. The prices for the Christmas sacks range from 5 Euros to 50 Euros. Depending on how big your budget is, there’s something for everyone. The whole thing works like this: You choose a Christmas Sack on their website, you transfer the amount to their donation account, and then you receive a personalized “Thank You” letter.

2. Vienna Hobby Lobby

Want to give something meaningful this year? Then give the gift of a recreational sponsorship on the Vienna Hobby Lobby website. You can decide to sponsor one child per semester (50 Euro) or one child per year (100 Euro). In return, you will of course receive a certificate for your loved ones.

3. Association Ute Bock

Would you like to make refugees happy at Christmas? Then take part in the campaign of the Ute Bock Association and give refugees from the Ute Bock House educational opportunities, a warm room, or a public transport ticket. In return, you will receive a donation certificate that you can unwrap under your Christmas tree.

4. Child Destiny Foundation

Helping children in slums sounds like a project worth supporting to you? Great, then the Child Destiny Foundation has a Christmas campaign for you. You can cover the costs for the care in the children’s day center there, and thus make life easier for the children with disabilities and their mothers. This means that all costs incurred for the daycare will be covered for one day. This includes rental costs including utilities, salaries, supplies, food, transportation, etc. Cool thing, isn’t it? Of course, you can choose how many days you want to support them. You can find the campaign here.

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