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Companies with a social purpose: a decisive factor for millennials looking for a job?
Is the company you work for or lead fit for the future? In this blog post, you will find out which companies Millennials are most likely to apply to in the future and where they'll mostly want to work.
How the pandemic changed volunteering
Lockdowns, contact restrictions, measures. All of these things have been with us through the Covid-19 pandemic and have turned social life upside down. The field of volunteering was also greatly affected, but to what extent has the pandemic really changed volunteering?
Why sustainable jobs are so popular amongst young people
A new study provides information on why sustainable jobs are popular amongst young people. You can find the exciting results in this article.
10 Journaling Prompts for Self-Reflection for Volunteers
2021 is ending soon. Have you reflected on that yet? In this article, we present you with 10 self-reflection journaling questions for volunteers that will best prepare you for 2022 in the area of social and volunteer work.
Christmas gifts worth supporting from our NPO partners 2021
Today, we present you with Christmas gifts worthy of support from our NPO partners that are guaranteed to bring smiles to other children's faces.
The sad truth about femicide in Austria 2021 and what you can do about it
28 murders of women in Austria in 2021. What can we do about it? Which organizations are working against it? Find these and other answers in the following article.
NPO-Presentation and volunteer work at Furries For Kids
In this blogpost, Andreas Bartl talks about his NPO "Furries For Kids", what volunteers they are looking for and what they have planned for Christmas 2021.
Association Babel: Integration in Austria and the power of (In)-Tolerance
Krystyna Szwankowska-Antoł, Executive Director of Babel, tells in this article on the occasion of the International Day of Tolerance about the difficulties in the integration process in Austria and the power of intolerance.
Christmas is not cancelled
Together with our partners we developed opportunities for companies to engage in a Christmas spirit.
NPO Presentation: Association MUT
Mickey Maier from the association MUT introduces his NGO and answers, among other things, how you can volunteer for them.
NPO presentation and volunteering at Aids Hilfe Wien
Today we want to introduce you to Aids Hilfe Wien and how you can volunteer for the NPO.
Youth unemployment in Corona times despite unfilled apprenticeships - Sindbad
Lydia Körber from Sindbad talks about youth unemployment in Corona times despite unfilled apprenticeships and why Sindbad plays a key role in this.
3 reasons why volunteer work can improve your mental health
10.10. is world mental health day. This is why we are going to present you with 3 reasons why volunteer work can improve your mental health.
NPO presentation and volunteering at the Institute for Sustainable Finance
Heidrun Kopp from the Institute for Sustainable Finance introduces her organization and which volunteers they are currently looking for.
Does climate activism matter?
On the 24.9.2021 is the next global climate strike - Philipp Steininger from LCOY tells us why climate activism is so important right now and what it has already achieved.
It's a match!
Happily presenting volunteers who have found an interesting position through our volunteering platform. Meet Bianca!
Welcome to Plastic Free July!
Reducing your plastic waste to the amount of a jar in one year. Sounds impossible?
Volunteer days @ VinziRast am Land
Help build the place with simple, but great vision: living together in the community while doing a meaningful work.
The monetary value of volunteering
Imagine all voluntary work in Vienna was suddenly to be paid as a regular work: How much would it be worth?
Jewelry for a good cause
This weekend the Edelstoff Design Market will take place again in the Marx Hall. This year also with the jewellery from the Child Destiny Foundation.
Bees - the diligent climate protectors
On the 20th of May is World Bee Day!
NPO Partner presentation: Jamba - Career for All
Supporting people with diverse abilities in finding jobs.
Earth Day – Restore our planet: dos & don'ts
Earth Day 2021: A little refresher on small and large things that can be done to help our planet restore
Solidarity is strong: emergency volunteers on the rise
Since last year, 27,000 new volunteers have registered to help in the pandemic.
How do NPOs motivate volunteers to keep them engaged?
How to motivate volunteers so they keep being engaged in current times?
NPO Partner presentation: Standing up for Women's Rights
Organisations on Social Held that offer opportunities to get actively engaged in the topic of women's rights.
Obviously, a Women's Matter: how much unpaid work women do?
International Women's Day is already here for 110 years. This day was not intended to be a celebration, but to highlight inequalities between women and men.
PRIME MOVERS: where personal development and social impact meet
Innovative volunteering approach for students - apply now!
Quick guide on how to avoid food waste
With our 5 tips, we show you how you can easily avoid wasting food and thus protect the climate.
NPO Partner presentation: Firefly Club
Music knows no prejudices & connects people, also now!
The tents are up again
Weekend for Moria: how to get active and engaged in Vienna
180 Degrees Consulting meets Social Held
Matching at its best, a fully volunteer run student consultancy supports a volunteering matching platform. 
NPO Partner presentation: Free Girls Movement & OIS.IN.AN
Integration + Education = Job Opportunities#equality #feminism #sisterhood #community
We are looking for Pro Bono Volunteers!
Do you want to support NPOs with your professional skills? Then that’s for you!
Rise of the generation act
“If they care that much about climate, why do they use an Iphone?”
NPO Partner presentation: Studieren Ohne Grenzen
"Ois kann ma lernan, wenn ma kann."
Bye 2020!
Our first year was definitely different than expected. So.. what's now?
Meaningful Christmas gift ideas
Here are a few ideas to make the gift giving this year more impactful.
NPO Partner presentation: oikos Vienna
Local chapter of an international student-driven organisation that promotes sustainable economics and management education.
Volunteering is for everyone
“Together We Can” is the motto of this year's International Volunteer Day.
5 tips on how to design Corporate Volunteering programs
How your Corporate Volunteering activities can look like?
How to find the right volunteers?
With Social Held you can quickly find suitable volunteers to support your organization
Find your perfect Volunteer-Match in Vienna
Ask yourself these five short questions & voilà!

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