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NPO Partner presentation: Studieren Ohne Grenzen

published by Magdalena Willert

Free education and busy libraries are too often just wishful thinking, and unfortunately not the standard. Studieren Ohne Grenzen wants to change something about that. According to the motto:

“Ois kann ma lernan, wenn ma kann.” 

What does Studieren Ohne Grenzen stand for?

Education everywhere and for everyone is our biggest concern! We are committed to support higher education and the expansion of educational infrastructure in crisis regions. We award scholarships to students in financial needs and raise awareness among the Austrian public about the situation in the target regions. With our work, we want to support young people, so that they can contribute to the reconstruction and peace process in their home countries. Together with the scholarship holders, we want to make a contribution to peaceful and sustainable development in states and regions suffering from war or its consequences.

What are your current projects??

We are currently focusing on two projects: In Colombia, we are supporting young people who would like to study and who apply to us with a social project.

In Sudan, we have launched a book project that will equip the library of the University of Khartoum with up-to-date and subject-specific literature. With this project, we want to ensure that students have access to the latest scientific literature. By the way, the crowdfunding for this project is still running until mid-February!

How is your work going during Corona?

We’ve had quite an active and successful year despite the circumstances, and on December 1st – on the occasion of Giving Tuesday – we launched a crowdfunding campaign for our Sudan project.

We have been in our home office for some time now, skyping weekly to discuss upcoming issues and updates on our project regions. In December we also met online for the general assembly, followed by an unusual Christmas party afterwards, which was actually very nice! At the moment we are in the process of selecting fellows for Bogotá, Colombia.

Would you like to expand your Team? Are you looking for volunteers?

We are currently looking for new members in four different areas.

On the one hand, we want to expand our content team. We would love to have you join us as a copywriter. If you like writing blog articles and social media posts on relevant topics and want to gain experience in social media marketing & communications, you’ve come to the right place. More info about this volunteering opportunity here, German needed!

In addition, we are looking for a person responsible for website support. Knowledge of WordPress is a must! So if you are a student in this field or if you like to work with websites and blogs in your private life, we would be happy to hear from you! Check it here, basic German needed.

You love to organize events? Ideally, you know how to organize online events and have done so? Then by all means check this! Just basic German needed.

To all the law students: Last but not least, we are looking for you in the area of law. Your tasks will include answering legal questions, drafting and reviewing contracts. More info here, German needed!

Please send us a short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to contribute. You can connect with us via Social Held, contact us via email, Facebook or Instagram.

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