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NPO Partner presentation: Jamba – Career for All

published by Aga Król

What does Jamba stand for?

Jamba was founded in 2017 in Bulgaria, and since then has focused on increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities through training and partnerships with companies. Great success followed and the second Jamba project was initiated in Hungary in 2019 and Austria signifies Jamba’s third location in spring 2020. People with disabilities are full of potential and Jamba’s Austrian team wants to unlock that potential and close the gap between unemployment and skills shortages in the areas of Information Communication Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. 

What are your current projects?

Jamba – Career for All has launched several pilot programs within the last year. First, we organized a Data Collection & Annotation training with our partner Humans in the Loop, and successfully trained our first group. We also organized together with LinkedIn Social Impact, a LinkedIn Coaching session supporting our job seekers in their employment search. In addition, we have recently launched an Introduction to R course together with Quantargo and are pleased to have Jamba community members taking part. The Jamba community is also supported by CEU in providing 1-1 English tutoring to increase job market competitiveness. Lastly, we also partnered with Talent Garden and offered one of our candidates a scholarship to Talent Garden’s Innovation School. It is through partnerships with organizations who celebrate diversity and are committed to creating accessible opportunities that Jamba manages to provide the necessary skill set for positions of the future.

Along with our training programs, Jamba hosts various awareness raising events. Together with our partner, AIDA, Jamba organizes a series of monthly meet-ups called BrAInstorm Talks on various topics about Artificial Intelligence and its impact on everyday life including education and employment. Jamba’s awareness campaign Wir Alle Können launched for International Day of People with Disabilities raised awareness to society and businesses by presenting the story of seven successful people with disabilities in various professional fields. This year we launched our first crowdfunding campaign where we gathered more than one hundred Agents of Change – supporters from different countries with various backgrounds from NGOs to the private sector to philanthropists. Jamba is also the winner of the Zero Project Award 2021 on Employment and ICT and taking part in Zero Project-Impact Transfer, an accelerator program organized with Ashoka.

How is your work going during Corona?

Jamba in Austria was established during the coronavirus pandemic so from the very beginning we adapted our services to an online format, inclusive for everyone. We believe services that make people’s lives easier and more accessible widely used during the pandemic will find a permanent place in our everyday lives.

Would you like to expand your team?

Many activities connected to the capacity building of talents with disabilities, their employment and social inclusion are planned to be organized by the Jamba team so we are looking for volunteers that believe that doing good has the power to change our world in an amazing and positive way, to join our team. We especially welcome in our team people with disabilities and/or chronic health conditions. Jamba believes in a diverse workforce, where volunteers are supported, valued and appreciated and offer inclusive environment free of discrimination.

What else do you need?

We express our gratitude to Social Held for connecting us to volunteers who want to create real change and a meaningful impact with their extra time. We have posted our various needs in the following areas: Social Media, Graphic Design, Recruitment and Training, and Business Development.

However, we encourage anyone aligned with our values who is interested in supporting us in our mission to reach out!

You can find the latest information about the Jamba activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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