NPO Presentation: Association MUT - Social Held

NPO Presentation: Association MUT

published by Luiza Klecki

What does the association MUT stand for? 

We have the vision of a society in which humans, the environment, and animals live together in harmony – in which people are there for each other.

Since its foundation in 2005, the association MUT has distinguished itself through its multi-layered and charitable offers.

Originally an association of individuals who want to make a difference, it quickly grew into something bigger. It is close to our hearts to recognize social inequalities in order to provide wide-ranging assistance. This resulted in a number of social projects, which over the years became part of the Viennese social fabric. MUT always focuses on current events and offers local and non-bureaucratic solutions. The best networking between our internal departments and volunteers as well as the cooperation with other associations and organizations make us so successful.


What projects are you currently pursuing? 

Our main focus is currently on food rescue, homeless aid, school aid, our emergency shelters, and environmental & climate issues. During the cold season, we are increasingly involved in the direct distribution of warm clothing and hygiene products to the homeless. Once a week, we go out in the evening to distribute our donations directly at various hotspots and to engage in conversation. It’s the eye-to-eye contact and conversations that are so important for many people on the street.


How is your work going during Corona? 

Part of the team was able to do the work in the home office. Because we couldn’t and didn’t want to reduce our focus areas like food distribution during this crisis situation, our food team worked in shifts to ensure that there was always a team ready to go, even in the event of illness. We also offered a Grätzel grocery shopping service for at-risk patients* during the first Lockdown. Since we had to close our free grocery store for some time, we set up a gift fence across from our association center with the most necessary items. This included both durable and fresh food, hygiene products, and warm clothing. Thus, we were able to continue to support our regular clientele without contact. We are very happy that we were able to keep all our employees during this time!


Who would make your team complete? 

Volunteers who care as much about food rescue and helping the homeless as we do. We are always happy to have committed and motivated helpers. Whether it’s distributing rescued food to homeless daycare centers, taking care of our free social trolley, or sorting our donations in kind, we are always happy to have motivated volunteers.


What else do you need? 

We are also always happy to receive donations in kind such as warm clothing, durable food, blankets, thermoses, sleeping bags, and backpacks, etc.

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