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Jewelry for a good cause

published by Magdalena Willert

On Saturday and Sunday, May 29th and 30th, style icons, design aficionados and art lovers will gather together. The Marx Halle will be again devoted to a number of types of craftsmanship and beauty: accessories, cosmetics, cuisine, art, fashion and product design,

One of these stands not only sells colorful, handmade jewellery, but also a piece of help for their project in Kenya. The Child Destiny Foundation finances itself through jewellery that they make and sell themselves. Usually in their online shop, this weekend also in the Marx Halle.

The Child Destiny Foundation

Six members in Austria and five in Kenya: Together and on a voluntary basis, they stand up for disabled children and their mothers in Kenya. A day-care and therapy centre was built in the slum of Kibera in Nairobi, which was set up by donations to the Child Destiny Foundation. A part of it comes from their jewellery sales, another from the member contribution of €35 per year or donations and a third from the direct support from volunteers in Austria and on site in Nairobi. The organization in Austria tries to keep their expenses as low as possible, in order to utilize the most on site. This mission consists of medical and therapeutic support and care work. They try to make sure that education for the mother and the child is given and consequently help finding a job for the mother.

Why Kenya?

Giving birth to a disabled child in Kenya means in many cases financial and social ruin.

On the one hand, there is no financial support in Kenya in the case of a disabled child. In order to survive, mothers have to go to work and leave their care-dependent child behind. The alternative is poverty, which is often associated with moving to slums such as Kibera.

In addition, giving birth to a disabled child often means to be a societal outcast. In some ethnic groups in Kenya there is a misbelief that the mother is to blame for the handicap of her child. It happens that partners, family and friends turn away, which means that mothers cannot rely on any social support from her surroundings.

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