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NPO Partner presentation: oikos Vienna

published by Lidia P. & Kathi R.

Volunteering as student has many advantages! For a start, it’s an easy way to meet like-minded people, especially when you are new in a city. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience – without the long and tedious application process. If you volunteer, you can turn your creative ideas into real projects and at the same time make the world a little bit better! What’s your passion?

You think sustainability and economics should go hand in hand? Welcome to oikos Vienna!

We are a student’s association with the goal to make economics and management more sustainable. And: Everyone is welcome! Regardless of whether you study Law, Biology or Computer Science – we think that interdisciplinary diversity goes over one-sidedness. Although we are based at the WU Vienna, we also like to meet up at cafes, Zoom or in nature, where everybody can contribute their own ideas and visions.

Sounds nice? It is! Here is a small insight of our work:

oikos Curricula Change

Nelson Mandela once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We live by that! Oikos curricula change is concerned with developing already existing subjects towards social and environmental sustainability. To reach that goal, we work closely together with WU Vienna, STaR, the Institute for Ecological Economics and the Society for Plural Economics Vienna.

oikos Impact

oikos Impact deals with – you‘ve already guessed it – impact. Here, we prepare, develop and finalize the most revolutionary projects. For example, our EcoMap, which is similar to Google Maps, but, in contrast, filled with sustainable shops. We’ve also started an initiative called WU and BOKU on Ecosia, which aims to plant as many trees as possible. In order to achieve this, we encourage students and university staff to use the search engine Ecosia.

oikos Knowing

oikos Knowing stands for everything you’ve always wanted to know about sustainability. Our Knowing Team arranges public talks with experienced speakers, organizes interesting workshops and hosts entertaining movie nights. We are supported by ÖH WU, ÖSSFO and Students for Future WU. To learn more about our events, visit our Instagram or Facebook page.

oikos Marketing

And since we’re already talking about Social Media – we also have a marketing team! It generates content several times a week. We talk about sustainability on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and our oikos blog. Our content ranges from trendy sustainable fashion to delicious sustainable recipes. Feel free to visit our page.


Every year, we organize the WU SDG-day together with several other organizations. The annual event is all about promoting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals on the premises of the WU. Usually, it takes place in May and lasts for an entire day. In the past, we held numerous workshops and offered informative content.

Other than that, we also have a team for good vibes, international, finance and relations. Moreover, our organization has even more to offer. Worldwide, we have over 45 chapters on several continents, with whom we work closely together. Do you feel like this is something you would also want to do? Would you like to be part of our oikos Vienna team? Feel free to contact us via Instagram, Facebook and e-mail. Feel free to visit our Social Held profile as well. You can find it under oikos Vienna.

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