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It’s a match!

published by Teresa Lošonc

We at Social Held are always happy when there is a “match” between volunteers & NPOs. This makes us feel that our work is worth it. We treat it as a small victory for everyone involved. What also interests us is the story behind the match. Why this particular NPO? What motivated the volunteer?

So that we are not the only ones who are quietly pleased, we are starting a series in which we introduce the volunteers who have found an interesting position through our volunteering platform. The first one is Bianca Köstinger. She specifically applied for a position at Zero Waste Austria. That’s the kind of success story we like to hear. But read it yourself.

How did you find out about Social Held? 

I found Social Held through the Zero Waste Austria website. I knew Zero Waste Austria from social media and was eager to support the team. The “Jobs” button on the website then directed me directly to Social Held.

How was your experience on Social Held platform? Did you have any difficulties operating the platform?

The sign-up process was very simple and straightforward. I created a profile and applied to be a social media assistant. I didn’t have any difficulties.

Were you looking for a specific NPO?

Yes, I wanted to apply specifically to Zero Waste Austria.

Is this your first time volunteering?

No, I have always enjoyed doing this. At the Wildsau Dirt Run I supported the team as a volunteer and provided the athletes with drinks and energy bars on the course. I practice cross training in the Verein and also support the fitness Verein Fit Unlimited as marketing manager. Next year I may also support the international Crossfit competition “HYROX” as a volunteer. I simply enjoy supporting Vereins that I fully believe in. For me, it’s mainly about the social aspect, because I’ve been able to meet insanely great people and it’s just fun to make a contribution together.

Did you write to several NPOs? Or was Zero Waste Austria your only choice?

Zero Waste Austria was my only choice at the time and luckily it worked out right away.

Did the connection with Zero Waste Austria go smoothly?

Yes, Stephi emailed me directly and invited me for an interview.

How do you like the work as a volunteer? Do you plan to stay involved?

I like the work at Zero Waste Austria very much and I am very happy that I made the decision to join the team, because I was able to learn a lot. Volunteering has become an integral part of my life and it is really good for me and also a lot of fun.

Do you have any tips for other volunteers to help them find the right NPO?

Zero Waste Austria is definitely a hot tip 😉 My tip is to look for an NPO whose values are similar to yours. It is important that you and the NGO share the same goals and that you want to learn more in that area.

Do you have any ideas on how we can expand our service even more?

I think the platform is really well built and I had no problems applying. It would be great to promote Social Held even more because I never heard about it before and I think everyone should know about it 🙂

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