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How do NPOs motivate volunteers to keep them engaged?

published by Aga Król

The question is especially relevant nowadays. How to motivate volunteers so they keep being engaged in current times? 

Even though the voluntary engagement in Austria is high & Social Held makes it easier to arrange it in Vienna, keeping volunteers engaged is a huge challenge for NPOs. This being said, it is important to remember that people offer their free time to non-profit organization. The motivation to get engaged can be influenced by many factors. That’s why NPOs themselves can offer something other than money in return to the volunteers.

We asked NPOs: How do you motivate volunteers to keep them engaged?

Showing impact of volunteers 

There is nothing better than the feeling that you and your work are needed. Without volunteers, many of the services provided by Non Profits could not be delivered. Sometimes volunteers may not realise how their work has helped organisations or other people – showing it is super important!

Community Events

One of the biggest values is the community that the volunteer is joining. New friends, people from different backgrounds & social get-togethers. But building a community is even more challenging in today’s world where social distancing is part of everyday life. 

Thank you notes

Show appreciation again and again, never enough! Some NPOs also suggest: Recognize volunteers via social media by introducing them and their work publicly. Don’t forget & underestimate: a little praise or thank you always motivates. 

Additional training opportunities

The chance to develop personally and professionally through volunteering is a great motivation for volunteering. Moreover, by offering additional training, the organisation can show how important volunteers are to them.

Volunteering Certificate

You volunteer because you want to do it – whatever reason behind it. But a certificate of what activities, how many hours and in which organisation can be an important document for volunteers for future job applications & CV. There is a sample provided by the government. Sneak peak – we are working on making it digital, modern and interactive!

Speaking of which, the question that comes to our mind – are there new ways to recognise volunteering? Can digital tools be used for this? We are experimenting and exploring!

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